SCORE:  Celebrating 20 Years of Works by Toni Leago Valle

Pop Demo, choreography by Toni Leago Valle.  Dancers: Michelle Reyes, Carlos Perez.  Costumes: Judy Masliyah  Photo: Mcauley Teeters


Celebrating Artistic Director Toni Leago Valle's 20th anniversary as a choreographer, 6 Degrees premieres “SCORE,” a compilation of Valle's signature works over two decades (a score) at MATCH, October 20-22, 2022.  6 Degrees revisits audience favorites from "CRACKED" (2006 & encore 2016), "Tetris" (2009), and "Never Again" (2018), as well as Valle's Butoh-inspired solo, "I Am Mother" that originally premiered in 2004, two weeks before she gave birth.


Valle rounds out the evening with a glimpse into her latest vision, "POP DEMO," to premiere in 2023.  Set in a "Speakeasy," "POP DEMO" views the historical use of propaganda through the lens of political cartoons in a live 3-D experience of contemporary dance, aerial dance, theatre, and projections. Through 60’s Pop Art costume designs by Judy Masliyah, lighting by Hudson Davis, "POP DEMO" creates the surreal world of political cartoons.


Performers include Lia Madrazo, Carlos Perez, Michelle Reyes, Tyler Scarberry, Davis Stumberg, Brit Wallis-McGrath, and Toni Valle


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