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Regifting Lions premieres at Barnevelder October 25-27, 2012

ReGifting Lions draws the audience into the people behind the trauma –

the humans that must find their own humanity to live.


Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Leago Valle bring to life through movement and visual art the essence of survivors.  Regifting Lions premiers October 25-27, 2012 at 8PM, at Barnevelder Theatre, in the heart of Downtown Houston.  Set to an original music score by George Heathco, ReGifting Lions asks the questions, “Why do some people crumple under adversity and others are able to stand up and move forward? Why do some make it to the other side... and how do they stay there?”

By giving a personal face to survivorship, Regifting Lions sheds light on the issue of societal acceptance of the survivor.  Often viewed as raw and uncomfortable, survivors of cancer, addiction and other traumas learn to hide their discomfort for the benefit of others.  Regifting Lions explores the people left behind in the wake of trauma - these unique people's desire to live, unearth and heal traumatic events, and the ability to reshape their lives.

The artistic vision of Regifting Lions is shaped by the unique perspectives of the three artists involved.  “All three of us are intimately connected with various stages of recovery and survivorship,” Valle comments, “We found that all of us are intensely interested in discovering what makes some people succeed and some fail after trauma.  We are combining our artistic voices, our histories, and our experiences in recovery and survivorship, to produce an intimate look at the healing process.  A healing process that involves life, laughter, and love.”

Lane, an accomplished photographer, brings a two-fold personality to the piece – his artistic eye behind the camera coupled with his personal interest in survivorship.  Lane, a cancer survivor himself, says, “I started the Voices of Survivors Foundation when I saw a real need to put a human face and voice to the words cancer survivor.  Regifting Lions is the natural extension of that need.”

 Molnari comments, “I've had life-altering experiences that had me question myself. I was lost, and curled up in a ball, which is an image I use throughout one of the solos. But those same experiences were the ones that help me realize I'm not defined by the reality of others. I'm enough, I'm loved, and I can be whoever I want to be. Support, love, acceptance are common words in my vocabulary now. I am grateful for that and want to share it with others.”

Why the titleRegifting Lions?  The three discussed common themes within the works.  One theme is that familial patterns and genetic traits are handed down to a person that affects that person’s ability to handle trauma.  Traits and patterns like a short temper, high frustration level, passivity, or avoiding confrontation, all can hurt or help someone in trauma.  Much like the idea of regifting a gift that you do not want, these patterns and traits are handed down to us whether we want them or not.  Survivors have to confront these traits and patterns in order to start the process of recovery.  In the opening sequence, the central character repeatedly tries and fails to disentangle herself from her history.

Why Lions?  Lions are the symbol of the other two predominant factors in survivors – inner strength and relationships.  “The Lioness, in particular, stands for strength, love and commitment to her pride.  It is the Lionesses’ ability to work together, hunt together, live together, that ensures the pride’s survival,” comments Molnari.  Lane adds, “Lions are the only big cat that lives together in a pride.  A survivor’s “pride” – the supporting network of friends and family – are an essential part to anyone’s recovery.” 

Strength and relationships are also portrayed throughout Regifting Lions.  In a mother-daughter duet, the pair are tested and torn apart as the mother deals with cancer. Based on a true survivor story, this duet signifies that relationships are an important element in healing.  Relationships are echoed in another duet, a reflection of Valle’s real life friendship with one woman, “When I got sober at 23 years old, I had to leave everything behind.  My friend and I were two young women with nothing except each other.  Our friendship saved my life.”

George Heathco is working closely with the choreographers and composing all new music especially for this concert.  Heathco’s intense music score serves as a unifying factor and emotional bridge across the pieces.  Regifting Lions stars Houston’s most sought after dancers:  Jesus Acosta, Roberta Cortes, Lindsey Thompson, and Brit Wallis, as well as newcomers to the scene, Alexandra DiNunzio and Emily Robison.

Regifting Lions premiers October 25-27, 2012 at 8PM, at Barnevelder Theatre, 2201 Preston, Houston, TX, 77003, in the heart of Downtown Houston. Tickets are $18 Opening Night, and $20 Friday and Saturday night.  Senior/Student discounts are available.  To purchase tickets, visit  For more information, contact Toni Valle at 713/409-2838 or

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Fact Sheet

WHAT:  Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Leago Valle present Regifting Lions

WHEN:  Thursday – Saturday

October 25027, 2012  8PM

WHERE:  Barnevelder Theatre, 2201 Preston, Houston, TX 77003

WHO:  Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Leago Valle

Highlights:  A cast of well-known performers from the Houston dance scene including Jesus Acosta, Roberta Cortes, Lindsey Thompson, and Brit Wallis, and newcomers Alexandra DiNunzio and Emily Robison.

Ticket Prices:  Opening Night - $40 (dinner Included); $12-$15 General

Tickets and Information: 713/409-2838,,

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