ReGifting Lions 2012

A premiere by Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Valle


October 25-27, 2012  8pm
Barnevelder Theatre, 2201 Preston

Lynn Lane, Catalina Molnari and Toni Valle bring to life through movement and visual art the essence of survivors – the willingness to unearth and heal traumatic events and the ability to reshape their lives. Tableaus ask the question, “Why do some people crumple under adversity and others are able to stand up and move forward? Why do some make it to the other side... and how do they stay there?”

ReGifting Lions gives a voice to people who are traumatized and have to create a new life after the trauma. Often viewed as raw and uncomfortable, survivors of cancer, addiction and other traumas learn to hide their discomfort for the benefit of others. ReGifting Lions draws the audience into the people behind the trauma – the humans that must find their own humanity to live.

Original music score composed by George Heathco


Listen to Toni Valle talk about the process of creating Regifting Lions on kpft/Living Art:

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