Tim Chamber's Ginger Blossoms

Tim Chambers (Collage Artist) was born in Houston and paints when he has the space. He is self taught, has been using Collage as a medium since the mid 90's, and loves it. When he started working at Copy Dot Com 13 years ago, he became aware of digital collage. Over the past 5 years, Tim and his wife Christy began exploring things by way of scanning flowers,metals,fabrics,etc. Tim had his first art showing at Mo Mong Restaurant in 2009. Tim states, "I am 50 years old and ~ yes ~ going through midlife crises thank you very much. I've been married for the first time for 6 years now and love Christy very much ~ I am often a pain in her ass ~ but I make perfect popcorn. Thunderstorms and the sound of trains between 12 & 5 AM are the soundtrack to what I hold closest to my heart and soul. 


Cherie Acosta (Costume Designer) is a second year MFA Costume Design student from the Houston area. Her design credits include Katrina the Bridge, The Importance of Being Earnest, studio productions of As You Like It, and Landscape of the Body. She also designed dance pieces, Round by Karen Stokes and Beater Wife by Becky Valls for the 2009 University of Houston Faculty Dance Concert. Her work was seen this summer at Big Range Dance Festival in Houston. She will also be designing for the upcoming 2010 UH Spring Dance Concert as well as Toni Valle's premier dance company. 6 Degrees, at Diverse Works.

costume sketch by Cherie Acosta
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