About "POP DEMO"


 "POP DEMO" (a fusion of Pop Art and Popular Democracy) is an imaginative blend of political commentary, offbeat theatrical choreography, and visual art. The surreal world of cartoons comes alive in a “Speakeasy” with illustrations lining the walls and dancers portraying caricatures in 1960’s Pop Art fashions. From Suffragettes depicted as bullish women to memes of Bernie Sanders at the Presidential Inauguration,  "POP DEMO" unmasks the heart of propaganda through art - the deliberate biased presentation of issues and people. 



As an artist and activist, art is one of the tools Toni Leago Valle uses to educate people about government and the political process and to facilitate discussion and action on the issues.  Valle comments, "I have witnessed firsthand actions to dissuade people from participating in democracy.  My choreographic approach is to present political and social commentary manifested in the choreography to stimulate public conversation."



Lady Justice, performed by Michelle Reyes, is inspired by vintage sketches, a cartoon of her being held down by the GOP (a nod to #MeToo), and antique Greek statue rain lamps. The resulting movement is a blindfolded, chained Lady Justice, revolving Butoh-style through sculpted poses around the room; a living, breathing paper doll. 


Costume by Judy Masliyah



Company member Carlos Perez personifies the Propaganda Machine.  Covered in political cartoons, Perez distorts history and meaning to sway the masses not to vote.  Pulling back the curtain of lies resets the “court of public opinion” and sets Lady Justice free.


Costume by Judy Masliyah

Artwork by Scott Woodard

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