"HUMAN re/con/struct/" 2021

6 Degrees premiered the final live performance of "HUMAN re/con/struct/" for the Pilot Project's Houston Fringe Festival at MATCH, Downtown Houston on October 16, 2021.  The live performance was a culmination of a two year endeavor, the "HUMAN Project," that consisted of both live and dance for film performances throughout 2019-2021. The project included a live performance at the Houston Women's March in 2019, a dance for camera work of company member solos at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in 2019, a dance for camera work of a collaboration of choreographic voices from five company members to the music, "Shifting Landscape" by Houston composer George Heathco and the final live performance in 2021.


The "HUMAN re/con/struct/" live performance included the 2020 dance for camera video at the sculpture "Passave Inachieve" at Buffalo Bayou ArtPark, live dance, and the addition of aerial trapeze dance, symbolizing the ongoing struggle of remote living during the pandemic. More about the film can be read below.


Thank you to all the artists involved in this project:  

Brittany Bass, Tempest McLendon, Mary Catherine McReynolds, Amanda Monteith, Carlos Perez, Mia Pham, Michelle Reyes, Tyler Scarberry, Toni Leago Valle, and composer George Heathco.


Film by Setsvn https://setsvn.com/


The "HUMAN re/con/struct/" video and live performances were made possible in part by Dance Source Houston Groundwork Grants for 2020 and 2021.

HUMAN re/con/struct/ 2020

photos by Tyler Scarberry

6 Degrees premieres the dance for camera work, "HUMAN re/con/struct/," five different choreographic voices in one house to explore the shift in society from the problem to the solution - the desire to bring together personalities and cultures for the common goal of redefining personal mental and physical spaces.


"HUMAN re/con/struct/" poses the questions on an intimate level: "How do we create room to include all of our different needs and voices so that everyone is treated fairly, within one space? Where can individuals question themselves, give breathing space to others, and collaborate so that everyone is heard, seen, and given equal time? How can we learn to give up our own space to others? How do we examine the concepts of "otherness?"


The Site: Buffalo Bayou public art installation. " 'Passage Inachevé' by Linnea Glatt and Francis Thompson (1990) was created to highlight issues of human rights, freedom of expression, and historic and contemporary concerns." - Paper City Magazine, October 2106


Choreography by Brittany Bass, Mary Catherine McReynolds, Carlos Perez, Tyler Scarberry, and Toni Leago Valle


Music: "Shifting Landscape" by George Heathco

Photos by Tyler Scarberry


"HUMAN re/con/struct/" was made possible in part by a Dance Source Houston Groundwork Grant.

HUMAN re/con/struct/ (isolation)

Just playing during quarantine. "Pure Imagination" performed by George Heathco 6 Degrees Company: Jessica Figueroa, Mary Catherine McReynolds, Tempest McLendon, Liannet Madrazo, Ariel Montemayor, Carlos Perez

Houston Women's March On 2020

6 Degrees premiered "HUMAN" at the Houston Women's March On on January 25, 2020. 

For more information visit https://www.houstonwomensmarch.org/


"HUMAN" was made possible in part by a Dance Source Houston Groundwork Grant.

"HUMAN" was made possible in part by a Dance Source Houston Groundwork Grant.

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